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Three Things That Annoy The Crap Out of Me About Vietnam

I didn’t expect every day living in Vietnam to be butterflies and rainbows, but there are just a few things that frustrate me about living here. In no particular order (because they all suck), here they are: Bad Internet service. I got disconnected about ten times just writing this one blog post alone. Between the [...]

Buddha Statue

Tips on Meditating According to My Vietnamese Students

I’ve always heard about how great meditation is and I thought, “what better place to start practicing than here in Asia?!” I asked some students the best way to practice meditation and they said the following: Get a Buddha statue Sit on the floor with your legs crossed Have your hands relaxed on your knees Have your [...]

Vietnamese Vegetarian Dish

Vegetarians in Vietnam?

Before I arrived to Vietnam, people back home have often wondered what I planned on eating during my stay, especially because they’re aware I don’t eat most types of meats. They might have assumed that vegetarianism isn’t in the Vietnamese vocabulary and that they’re a bunch of meat eating savages. I’m happy to report that [...]

Embracing Vietnam

A Few Do’s and Don’ts in Vietnam

Visiting another country can be intimidating, especially when you don’t want to be that typical American that does whatever he or she wants to do. I wanted to be respectful of the Vietnamese culture and learned a lot after I told some people I sat on my desk while teaching my Vietnamese students. After getting [...]

Vietnamese student

The Definition of Saving Face

  One adjustment I’ve been trying to practice is the whole concept of ‘saving face’. I’m still trying to understand this concept, but basically it’s when you try to maintain a positive image and don’t show any negative facial expressions. If you’re mad, you don’t make an angry face; if you’re upset, you don’t show it. [...]


Celebrating Christmas with My New Non-Jewish Friends

I’m pretty sure there were no Jewish people in all of Vietnam during my stay, and if there were, none of them were a mixed breed such as myself. If I had known there was a movie theater that was playing English movies, I might have went there (as well as chow down on Chinese [...]


A Not So Traditional Vietnamese Wedding

On our second night in Vietnam, our new boss at Can Tho University invited us to a wedding between a Vietnamese woman and a Kenyan man. We were told they met while in school and he moved to Vietnam to be with his girl. He must really love her because he was the only black [...]

Vietnam teacher housing

First Day Living in Vietnam: My New Home for the Next 6 Months

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what I expected once I arrived in Vietnam. The flight didn’t kill me, which was good (thank you Valium), but I think the hot, humid air just might do the trick. Our first cab ride proved to be an interesting experience as after driving for about five minutes, [...]

Vietnam money

Vietnamese Money: ‘Dong’ anyone?

Right before moving to Vietnam, I traded $100 USD for Vietnamese money, aka dong. My money translated to a little over $2,000,000 in Vietnamese cash and for the first — and only — time in my life I was a millionaire. First of all, I think it’s funny that their currency is known as dong. How [...]


Anxiety on Moving to Another Country to Teach English

Leaving to live in another country causes so much anxiety it’s not even funny. Just so everyone knows, this type of emotion is perfectly normal and means you care.  The only thought that crossed my mind when moving to Vietnam was the movie Brokedown Palace when Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale got locked up abroad. [...]

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