Vegetarians in Vietnam?

Before I arrived to Vietnam, people back home have often wondered what I planned on eating during my stay, especially because they’re aware I don’t eat most types of meats. They might have assumed that vegetarianism isn’t in the Vietnamese vocabulary and that they’re a bunch of meat eating savages. I’m happy to report that there have been an incredible helping of food and I’m not starving. I’ll admit, there are situations that leave me extremely apologetic for turning down such hospitable offers and make me regret being ‘that picky eater girl.’

The Vietnamese are so humble and when they see you have no food in your bowl, they will quickly put more in for you to eat. I always feel terrible when I have to say no thanks. (Tourist Tip: leave a little bit of food on your plate to signify you’re full. In America it’s polite to eat everything on your plate, but unless you want someone to constantly fill your plate, just leave a little bit behind.)

Luckily, there are two vegetarian restaurants close to my campus and a fruit market open daily across the street. This image displays a rice dish with different types of tofu from one of the vegetarian restaurants.

IMG 2874 1024x768 Vegetarians in Vietnam?

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