A Not So Traditional Vietnamese Wedding

On our second night in Vietnam, our new boss at Can Tho University invited us to a wedding between a Vietnamese woman and a Kenyan man. We were told they met while in school and he moved to Vietnam to be with his girl. He must really love her because he was the only black guy in all of Can Tho, and maybe one of the few in all of Vietnam. Any who, even though we met them two minutes before their ceremony, we got to meet up with the happy couple at a later date because they were incredibly kind people.

IMG 2870 300x225 A Not So Traditional Vietnamese Wedding

Not to┬áexaggerate (which is how I like to start my sentences when I’m about to do that), but the wedding was one of the best nights I had during my entire stay in Vietnam. Vietnamese people get toasty off of a few watered-down beers, also known as Tiger beer, and party the night away with their cute little rosy cheeks. Not to mention the food was amazing, the people were fun and the table next to us made my housemate chug about eight beers in a row. Here’s a look at one of those beers:

Vietnamese/Kenyan Wedding from cbrodzky on Vimeo.

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