The Definition of Saving Face


One adjustment I’ve been trying to practice is the whole concept of ‘saving face’. I’m still trying to understand this concept, but basically it’s when you try to maintain a positive image and don’t show any negative facial expressions. If you’re mad, you don’t make an angry face; if you’re upset, you don’t show it. You have to pretty much put on a happy face all the time or it’ll be viewed as a sign of weakness.

My roommate and another English teacher were telling me that a student we all share got into a really bad motorbike accident and had to go to the hospital. They went to visit her and they said she had the biggest smile on her face and you’d never know she was in any pain. If I were her, I would have been a diva with a bell and ring it every time I wanted something. Below is a picture of me and the beautiful student that is all better.

Update: I continue to fail at saving face.

IMG 5077 300x225 The Definition of Saving Face

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