Notes from Vietnam: Old Friends

Hi, Miss Christina

I’m Julie! my major is in English  from Can Tho university, remember me?
It is such long time no speak! how are you and your family? how is your job going on?

I’m fine! let me tell you some news about me through the time we lost touch. I stopped working in before we came back Vinh Long province(my hometown) to take Luna  new year holiday. When I came back Can Tho city to study, I found new job that is good for my major. I also worked as a waitress in a small restaurant in Ninh Kieu quay. Yes, It is just a small restaurant but I had more time to practice my English skills because It is a restaurant for foreigners. They came from different countries in the world.

Thanks to working in Phuong Nam ( the restaurant’s name) I learned a lots about their cultures, both of Western and some countries like Japan, China, Korea,… It is interesting to me!

I am also received  Tip, it is the most interesting to me. I was surprised a lot when I first time received a tip though I learned and knew it before. They are very kind!

However, I quitted working again! I find it hard for me to study while taking a hard job like that. I had to not only serve guests but also help in the kitchen when no guests and clean the floor before they close. It is too hard!

So…, I’m free this time!  no job, I don’t have to busy at night, I can have freedom! the life is so beautiful!!! yeah

This week, we start a new semester. I’m now third year student! I have to work hard in this term but I have to joy my free days.!!!!!!!!

How about you, Mss Christina! Do you busy these days! is it time for you to take vacation in your country? I saw a lot of tourists come to Can Tho, and people said that tourism season is coming. Will you travel anywhere? will you come back Viet Nam?haha, I’m just kidding!

Please tell me about your vacation! hope you have a funny time!

Love you guy,


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