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Vietnamese Students

First Day Teaching English

Just got back home from my first day of class and even though I was pretty nervous, I’m happy to say that everything turned out well. Previous English teachers I know have told me to talk

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Can Tho Floating Market

Can Tho Floating Markets

Can Tho is most popularly known for its floating markets, which is why it was an absolute must for us to visit them. (Tourist Tip: It’s best to arrive as early as possible to take

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Celebrating Christmas with My New Non-Jewish Friends

I’m pretty sure there were no Jewish people in all of Vietnam during my stay, and if there were, none of them were a mixed breed such as myself. If I had known there was

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Vietnamese Food

Food Worth Flying Halfway Around the World to Eat

Most of the food and drinks in Vietnam are out of this world. Here’s a sampling of some of the things we’ve tried thus far.

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Vietnamese Wedding

Vietnamese Wedding – Part Two

I’ve never been the type of little girl to fantasize about what my wedding was going to one day look like. I’ve never pictured the style of my dress or if I was going to

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Invite to a wedding on the second night

On our second night in Vietnam, our boss at the university invited us to a wedding between a Vietnamese woman and a Kenyan man. I was impressed that someone there was feeling a little jungle

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Vietnam traffic

Hello Vietnam!

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what I expected once I arrived in Vietnam. The flight didn’t kill me, which was good (thank you Valium), but I think the hot, humid air just might

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Vietnam teacher housing

New home for the next six months

After taking a four-hour car ride south from Saigon, we finally arrived to our new home for the next six months, Can Tho (pronounced like this: Once we settled in, my housemate and I

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My Life in a Suitcase

The next six months of my life packed into one big suitcase. At this moment, I’m not nearly as afraid of leaving my comfortable life here in America as I am on getting on this

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Goodbye email from work

Check out the cute email sent around inviting people to my “surprise” going away conference room bash at work. I miss everyone already <3 Only twelve more hours until the plane takes off! Incoming search