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Merlion in Singapore

Mini Vacation to Singapore and Sentosa Beach

My complete obsession and love affair with Singapore began the moment I got off the plane. Although living in Vietnam for three months at this point was great, going to a city that most reminded

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Another Pasta Party for My Amazing Students

As a reward for their amazing work so far this semester, I invited another one of my classes over to my house for a pasta party (which is the only thing I pretty much know

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fish massage

Video: Fish Massage

Fish massages are becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam. If you’re wondering how it feels to have 20+ fish nibble on your feet, just imagine that tingly sensation you get when your foot falls asleep. I asked

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Vietnam money

Spending Habits in Vietnam

Just about everything in Vietnam is really cheap: food, clothes, drinks, doctor and dentist visits (although I haven’t had the time to see one yet). Here is what my spending habits for a typical day

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Vietnamese students

Pasta Party for My Students

A few weeks ago, my housemate and I invited some students over to our place for a pasta party. I’ve mentioned in the past that the teacher and student relationship in Vietnam is much different

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Vietnamese friend

Video: Vietnamese Friend Singing

Check out this video to hear my friend sing a song in Vietnamese. She has a great voice!

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Statue of Liberty

Feeling a Little Homesick

With only five weeks left in Vietnam, and four weeks of traveling, I’m anxiously anticipating my arrival back in NYC. Being away from home for this long made me realize how much I miss and

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Vietnamese students

Language a Part of Your Identity

Recently, two of my fellow classmates and sorority sisters from Marist College and I were interviewed by a student writing an article on teaching abroad for his latest article in the Marist Minute. One line that

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Vietnam housing

Stages of Culture Shock

I teach at a couple private schools in the evening to help bring in some extra cash flow and one class requires me to prepare students for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The

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Video: Mac Cu Plants

On a recent class trip to DaLat, one of the chaperons showed me Mac Cu (meaning shy), a plant that shrivels up when touched and pretends to die as a defense mechanism. As you can tell from