Notes from Vietnam: Long Time No See

Good evening teacher! Do you remember me? I miss you very much. I’m so sorry because I don’t keep in touch with you! I lost your email address and I find out it today. How are you? What are you doing? what is her work? Are you travelling? I’m crazy now. I’m have some final exam in this week and the week after. But in the future, I have a free week to prepare Summer semester. In this time, I miss you and some memory about you. I miss your voice. My class will celebrate a picnic in the future. I wish you could come. Best wishes.” -Bill

Hello teacher! How are you and how about your work? I have just finished my semester, this result is better than the last one. I am happy because of my progress. However, it is not as good as that of my friends. It is a motivation for me to try more on the next semester. Thank you so much for your help for the last time! Wish you succeed and be happy!” -Moon

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