Conversation between me and a Cambodian Salesperson

Cambodian salespeople are relentless and never take no for an answer. Here is what a typical conversation looked like between a Cambodian salesperson and myself (insert foreign accent for full effect).

Salesperson: Would you like to buy my scarf?

Me: No, thanks (with friendly smile).

Salesperson: Whyyyyyyyyy?

Me: I don’t need it.

Salesperson: You don’t like scarf?

Me: Oh, no, they’re very pretty, but I don’t need one (apologetically).

Salesperson: I give you scarf for good price.

Me: I bet you would, but I have enough, so no thanks (smile fading).

Salesperson: But whyyyyyyyy?

Me: Really, I don’t need one.

Salesperson: I have blue, green, white -

Me: I get it, I just don’t want one.

Salesperson: Whyyyyyyyyy?

Me: NO!

Salesperson: *Walks away*

Conversations like this could have gone on for a long time. As you can see, they never give up. It was slightly amusing in the beginning, but it got old quick. I can’t blame them for working hard for the money.


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