A few weeks ago, my housemate and I invited some students over to our place for a pasta party. I’ve mentioned in the past that the teacher and student relationship in Vietnam is much different than that of back home, and we heard from another English teacher that she loves to invite her students over for little get togethers. Our students have been doing such a great job with their school work that a little party seemed like a great way to reward them.

In the beginning, no one was touching the spaghetti, which unfortunately is the only thing I know how to make and could find at one of the supermarkets. I thought, I know I’m not a great cook but come on people, humor me. Then finally, when one student grabbed a bowl, they all joined in. Half my students said they never had it, while the others said they have.

One of the parts I loved most about the party was that I was able to share one of my favorite foods to my students, while some of them brought fruit to share with me some of theirs. They also loved playing English songs from YouTube on my laptop, including Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus and Love Paradise by Kelly Chen. In the end, the party was a success and we got to know our students a little bit better. Here are some photos from that night.

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