Top 20 Things I’ll Miss from Vietnam

Since I created a list of the top 20 things I’ll miss from America before I left, I believe it’s only fair that I do the same for Vietnam. In no particular order, here are the top 20 things I’ll miss from Vietnam:

  1. My students
  2. Coffee
  3. New friends (both Vietnamese and American)
  4. Taking two hour naps everyday
  5. Paying less than $10 a day to live
  6. Skipping the chilly winter months in NYC
  7. Not being the whitest person in town
  8. Learning about a new culture
  9. Going to random weddings
  10. Incredible and delicious food
  11. Visiting incredible and unique pagodas
  12. Getting buzzed off of one beer
  13. $10/hour back massages
  14. Using chopsticks for every meal
  15. Banh Mi Op La (egg sandwich)
  16. Saying the only five things I know how to say in Vietnamese
  17. Teaching my students how to fist pump it like on Jersey Shore
  18. Working 15 hours a week
  19. Watching premiere episodes of Glee on Star World, which already appeared in America last year
  20. Getting confused looks when I tell people I’m Jewish

Just to list a few things I WILL NOT miss from Vietnam include the mosquitoes, risking my life on a motorbike, drinking beer with ice in a glass, and the awful Internet connection.


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