My Adventures in Jakarta, Indonesia

One of the last destinations on my five week backpacking adventure was Jakarta, the capital and largest city in Indonesia. Before I arrived, I learned that Jakarta was dubbed ‘The Big Durian,’ which for those who are familiar with this type of fruit, know that it smells like swamp ass; however, to many people, it has a sweet, delicious taste.

When my friend and I arrived at the airport and picked up our luggage, we were overwhelmed by number of taxi drivers trying to win our business. (Tourist Tip: we were forewarned by a few friends to not take any of the taxis inside the airport gate, but to rather walk outside and hail one there. By doing this, you avoid the any airport tax and save money.)

After arriving to a friend’s house to drop our stuff off, it was time to tour the city. There were a couple destinations we enjoyed visiting, but overall, Jakarta doesn’t have many attractions or get a large influx of tourists, and apparently has been the target of numerous terrorist attacks.

On the other hand, almost all the people I’ve met from Indonesia, in general, turned out to be some of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered. If any of you should decide to visit Indonesia and check out Jakarta, you wouldn’t need more than a day.

Here are a few images from our trip:

IMG 6690 My Adventures in Jakarta, IndonesiaJakarta City View

IMG 6608 My Adventures in Jakarta, IndonesiaNational Monument

IMG 6610 My Adventures in Jakarta, IndonesiaStatues by the National Monument

To view the rest of my photos from Jakarta, please visit my Flickr photostream by clicking here.


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