Here’s another batch of emails from my students. I LOVE them <3

Dear my teacher, How are you these days? Thank you for teaching us how to pronouncing correctly. We miss you very much. Send me email whenever you have free time.Keep fit your health, please! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Lots of love.” –Sunlight

“Hi teacher, how are you now? Did you come back to your home? I think you are very happy when meeting your parents as well as your friends…I think you have had a good time with many unforgettable memory in Viet Nam. Besides

I know you also get many problems when living in Viet Nam because the customs and habits each country is different. But anyway all of us hope u come back Viet Nam as soon as possible..! Keep me posted with your news, take care and hopefully see you soon!” –Alex

“I am really happy when i receive your email! the party is very very funny, my class will miss you so much and i hope we will see soon. Have a good time, your Sunny!”

“Hi Christina – I miss you very much! …I hope I will see you as soon as possible!” -Jessica

“How are you? What are you doing? Are you travelling? I wish I would travel as same as you, because

I rarely traveling. I’m fine and miss you very much. I didn’t study summer semester, so I lived at home and did housework…” – Bill


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